Hello World 2

When I started the blog i wanted to put up a decent opening post; a hello world post. It seems wordpress have beaten me there. Anyways, i’ll call this Hello world version 2.

Why PhuckedupFysics?

Maybe I like to see things differently

Maybe i wanted a name starting from Ph

Maybe its because Thamali doesn’t like the word “Fuck”

Maybe its that I wanted to say the F word again and again without a reason.

World is full of possibilities; isn’t it? One will not know it for sure. But surely I didn’t use it because i hate physics. Saying that, there will be no physics talk in the blog. Although I’d be happy to answer any questions (Except for Hydro dynamics; I hate that)

World is fucked up. Isn’t it? 😀


I’m watching How I met your mother from the start (again) these days. I’m at season four at the moment and I’m loving it than ever!

Something I’ve thought about is as to how many  relationships, both casual and committed, have Ted had since Robin. When you put some thought into it, there actually is quite a lot!

For staters Robin, Victoria, Stella, Cindy, Zoey and Naomi are the most notable appearances as Ted’s girlfriends. But between those there are plenty of others Ted has “tried”. In number of occasions throughout the seven seasons Ted says “Guys I think she’s THE one”; but its not to be. Add the number of dates Ted have had to that and other dates Ole’ Teddy has forgotten about by now!


I think, Ted in real is a player. The whole “I wanna get settled” theory is just a cover up story. Lets face it; it looks neater than “I wanna get laid” line. Its in fact a good tactic isn’t it? People tend to believe more in a person when he talks about a future; marriage, kids etc.

Barney himself has used the same strategy couple of times if I remember correctly (Stella’s secretary for an example).  Or maybe he’s just  manipulating the facts of the story as he narrates it to his kids. Either way, Ted Mosby is not the innocent – sweet romantic everyone think he is .

On a brighter note. everyone has their tactics. Barney has his set of tricks. Maybe this is how Ted roll. But at least Barney has the balls to admit what he’s doing. Shame on you Mosby!

Who knows? Maybe this is how the story really ends in season Eight 😀